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Our semi custom foam gun case inserts provide protection for your firearms, whether in storage or transit. They are precision cut and customizable to fit your specific firearm make and model as well as any accessories you may have.

If you're looking for the best semi custom gun case foam insert on the market, look no further than GUNFORMZ. Order yours today!

In addition to our semi custom foam gun case inserts, we also offer GEARFORMZ. These are adaptable semi custom foam inserts for a variety of items including brandy and cigar kits, cameras, and other gear.

No matter what you need to protect, GEARFORMZ has you covered. Order your semi custom foam insert today!

Check out our limited case offerings and case combinations.

We are dedicated to providing customers with the best product available.

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Featured Item

Pistol Pelican Vault PL V250 CASE COMBO

CASE and FOAM KIT combo. Limited Amount. This is a real handy kit for the Vault 250 by Pelican. This kit will take 3 auto pistols up to the long slides, Red Dots will fit in this kit.

GUNFORMZ offers a growing assortment of adaptable semi-custom case inserts for rifles, handguns, and other items.  You can feel confident knowing the products you order are made from the finest American-made materials and with the utmost attention to every detail.
The main focus of GUNFORMZ is providing an economical solution for your protective case. We make pre-cut designs that we consider about a 95% solution for just about everyone. All of our foam is water jet cut from 2lb polyethylene closed-end cell foam. With just a bit of customization, you would be able to have a near-custom with our inserts. With this model, we are able to offer a great product at around HALF the price of custom foam.


You are looking for quality American-made tactical tools, and you have come to the right place!

Frank Eaton, a Retired Special Operations Veteran in the U.S. Army and owner of GUNFORMZ, understands what you are looking for in precision-made semi custom gun case foam inserts. He has applied his shooting and tactical knowledge toward the development of sound tactical tools for military, law enforcement, and civilian use.

Meet The Craftsman


Frank Eaton

Frank Eaton is an 18-year Veteran of the United States Army Special Operations Command. During his 24-year career with the U.S. Army, Frank had the distinction of serving some of the greatest organizations in the U.S. military including the 25th ID, 3/75th Ranger Bn, Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment 75th RR, SF Military Freefall school, and retired from a Nominative SOF unit in Northern VA. Frank is an NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, a graduate of the FBI Firearms Instructor Course, and has taken many other military and civilian marksmanship courses.

Semi Custom Foam Expertise at Its Finest


American-Made Materials
Top-Quality Products
Semi Custom Foam Inserts for a Variety of Items
Protection for Your Firearms and Gear
Designed with 24 Years of Experience in the U.S. Army

Thank You for Choosing GUNFORMZ

We are proud to offer our top-quality semi custom foam inserts for a variety of items. With over 24 years of experience in the U.S. Army, our founder understands the importance of quality and protection for your valuables and investments. Browse all of our products today, and contact us with any questions you may have about finding the perfect semi custom foam insert for your needs.

See what our happy customers have to say about us: 

Craftmanship, quality, dedication

"... from tradition to quality, from personalization to fast turn around and shipping - this family owned business has it all. You can't go wrong by choosing Frank and his expertise no matter what your needs are."

— Erik & Eva M.

Excellence All the Way Around

"I got the Pelican 1560 Rolling Vault. This is a 5 handgun case. It holds both semi-autos and revolvers. The fit is perfect for both styles, no slop and it holds countless magazines. There is also plenty of extra storage space for additional boxes of ammo or whatever. I totally RECOMMEND these guys for whatever your storage needs are. Quick turnaround and shipment ‼️ A+++ I WILL BE PURCHASING HERE AGAIN ‼️"

— Rich S.

Work of Art

I really love your product, you have transformed my Pelican 1720 cases into organized work of art!"

— Fred

Only place to get custom foam!!!

"Ordered foam for my SCAR 20S in a V800. The foam is perfect! Fits all my mags and accessories along with room for my suppressor! Only place that will get my business for foam!"

— Banks

Quick shipment and excellent quality

"Ordered and got it right away, I used these for a couple of projects and they worked perfect!"

— Peter W.

Diamond in the rough

"I purchased the V2 and V4 kit with lid foam for the Vault 800. This a Quality product, competitively priced, made in the U.S.A. and in my opinion is more on the custom side than semi custom as advertised.

It allows for 2 levels of storage/protection, the kit is perfect for the 3 gun competitor or multiple gun range days.

With plenty of well thought out pre cut areas, with semi cut options in certain areas allowing for future expansion. ie; optics/RD, mag well, suppressor barrels, cleaning rods, etc.

Excellent customer service, quality shipping service, and the price is fantastic!

A 1 time, 1 level custom foam insert I was qouted $545CDN, No thanks, I would rather purchase more GUNFORMZ/Eaton Tactical with the money I saved.

Thank you
Eaton Tactical



"I bought the ARSG Pelican 1750 V1 and the ARBL Pelican 1750 V3 to go with. I e had this case case for 8 years and the pick n pluck that came with it was awful. This product provides storage for everything you need in this configuration for a range day or three gun completion or just secure, weatherproof storage of gear. I’m so glad I found this product via an IG plug from Tony Cowden and am finally using my case again. Great gear, great price, great vet owned company. AATW.


Great customer service and quick delivery

"ETI’s customer service and quick delivery alone warrant the 5 star review! Frank’s’ commitment to his products functionality is the icing on the cake."

— Shannon O.

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