GUNFORMZ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a custom insert made?

It depends. We are a very small company and unable to do individual custom gun case inserts. However, if you are interested in a larger quantity of custom gun case inserts, then we may be able to accommodate custom work.

What type of glue do you recommend?

cans of spray adhesives

We recommend using 3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Glue or the 3M 75 Spray Glue. These are the adhesives we trust when building our cases and attaching our gun case foam inserts.

How difficult is your foam to cut or make small modifications to?

image of a gun case

We use two pound polyethylene foam because it is much stiffer than stock foam and makes for great foam inserts. This stiffness makes it easier to cut with a good, sharp razor knife and allows you to make small modifications on your own. So, as long as you have a freshly sharpened razor knife, making modifications is a piece of cake.

How does the GUNFORMZ tray system work?

Image of the try system

We do an upper and lower tray for most rifle cases. The upper trays will have the name of the main gun – as in AR-15 or MP5. The lower/ bottom tray – we call it an ARBL – are primarily for magazines, accessories, and pistols. Each tray will have a base layer that is uncut, and a cut layer that sits on top of the base layer. The cut layer needs to be glued to the top of the base layer for organization and protection. These two layers create a semi-custom gun case that organizes and stores all of your equipment. Check out our gallery for a visual representation of our tray system and for images of our gun case foam inserts!

What are the rivets used for?

Image of the rivets

These are plastic rivets that provide good backup support for the glue. We recommend using our rivets for the top tray kits as they are removed often to access the bottom tray. The rivets can be used on the ARBL (bottom tray), but they are not necessary. We sell the rivets in packages of six for your convenience.

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